Thursday, December 29, 2011

What is a Transpersonal Therapy?, Human face

A transpersonal therapy is one that finally puts us in touch with our essential identity. Actually, the term transpersonal refers to what is beyond the individual.

From this perspective, therapy is a journey that is "accompanied" and whose goal is "deep self" with all its healing effects. Therefore, transpersonal psychology, the term "therapist" means "companion" and it really solves problems is personal growth and the expansion of consciousness.

People usually ask therapy can be considered fully healthy individuals who simply want to be happier than they are. These are people who are either going through a crisis or wish to discuss any matter of his own life and feel oriented integrated development that gives meaning to their lives.
Transpersonal therapy: therapy phases

Before one make a plan and as a starting point, all therapy begins by helping the individual in conflict to end the degree of suffering you might have. Subsequently, once restored a degree of emotional balance, transpersonal therapist guides the process of opening its interior dimensions and, for this, the treatment plan can be developed in three stages:

   1. First stage: Knowledge of Ego identity. Throughout this time the subject is trained to observe all possible nuances of their own conflict. That is, learn to turn our gaze inward, increasing self-knowledge and awareness of their own mental and emotional patterns. This "awareness" addresses the psychological elements involved that cause concern and often suffering. From this point, the subject begins to be able to take advantage of the immense wealth and opportunity that his criticism "personal situation" offers. "The thing that irritates us about others is what can lead to a better understanding of ourselves." (Carl Jung)
   2. Second stage: Reprogramming and relativization of one's ego. At this stage the subject learns to name their different internal parts and proceed to recreate new thought patterns to be derived from the afterlife of his personal self. In this phase, individuals learn to connect with their true needs and choose what you want to live, finding that what happens in your mind is because an intimate process of "interpretation of reality." From this point, the subject simply by becoming aware of a new horizon and vital in the construction of which could intervene and choose. "What matters is not what happens but how we interpret". (Lair Ribeiro)
   3. Third stage: Towards the Essence: Throughout this stage, the subject builds the bridge between your ego or thinking mind, and transpersonal level or essential identity. As it progresses, the subject is recognized as spiritual being manifested in the Witness Consciousness. From this level, sense of life purpose and the purpose of their own future, so that mistakes are seen as learning experiences to casual not the awakening of consciousness. "You're a human being on a spiritual adventure, but a spiritual creature in a human adventure." (Teilhard de Chardin)

Areas own transpersonal Once relieved the pain and anxiety that have led to the initiation of therapy and once learned new mental patterns that create a happier ego, Transpersonal Psychology addresses issues such as:

    * The search for the meaning of life.
    * The exercise of creativity.
    * The level of intuition.
    * The inner experience of certainty.
    * The sight of what we really are.
    * The ability to love without an object, as a state of consciousness of the subject.
    * The "detachment" or ego power distance and observe.
    * The feeling of transcendence.
    * The ability, to serve and to love all sentient beings.

Techniques or exercises that apply in Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal therapy is a form of "Integral Yoga". By "Integral Yoga" means to growth from the areas:

- Physical: Exercise, healthy eating and conscious.

- Emotional: Managing a social network, conscious relationships, breathing exercises.

- Mental: Reflection, study skills upgrading.

- Spiritual: Work on the expansion of consciousness and the development of own "awareness": ZEN Meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi, sustained attention, dedication to service.

Each subject and each corresponding stage of therapy requires training techniques which enters can be highlighted:

- Conscious Breathing.
- States of deep relaxation in which you access mental areas they know "what's happening".
- Exercise of "regression" to earlier stages in search of roots and causes of unwanted behavior patterns.
- Exercises with the inner Witness identification.
- Observation and analysis of cognitive processes in fear.
- The practice of Zen meditation.

And many other techniques that train the subject to distance themselves from their mental contents and move the focus of attention to desirable cognitive areas.

Achievements optimal transpersonal therapy

After the first stage, the subject has learned to observe and examine their mental model. A person who has suffered previously learned lived in troublesome scenarios without further disturbance.

It is a human being with the previously conflicting circumstances no longer blames anything or anyone, but watching the flow of his own mind. A human being who has understood the true value of emotional independence, while ensuring the quality of his heart amatory.

The subject has become aware of the ability to turn your problem into an opportunity for growth and self-awareness. A new human being has broadened its inner horizon and increased its ability to be happy.

After the course of treatment, the subject feels included and you can recognize his "shadow" and therefore accept it. The subject listens to her body and nature knows best historical programming and family of his own ego, feels focused and aware of the impermanence of the contents of his mind and phenomena in general.

- "Dude did you feel wiser moments of sadness and discouragement before enlightenment?
- Yes, often.

- And now, after attaining enlightenment Still living moments of sadness and discouragement?

- Yes, well, but now I do not care ".

Which means the Transpersonal Psychology by an individual fully healthy

Some therapists believe that a human being is health, when stripped of the basic conflicts and productive reintegration into society and family, however for Transpersonal Psychology, overcoming not real, as the subject has not really agreed contact with its core level. Seeing that a human being will enjoy good health when you feel deeply rooted in their identity and have found, in itself, the meaning of life.

"The mind creates the bridge, but it is the heart that crosses it." (Nisargadatta)

Global Considerations

We can conclude by saying that together the formidable technological development, the present humanity experienced waves of disruption after a major mutation underlying neurophysiological. Transpersonal Psychology is responsible for investigating this initiatory path to the Profound through new forms of love, of feeling, thinking and acting. In short: to exist.

"We have learned to use thought to transcend the body, but still do not know to be our consciousness transcend thought." (Ken Wilber)

Currently, we are privileged to attend a new "evolutionary leap" that is available to enable us to transcend the rational mind a succession of present moments, full of creativity, and infinite freedom.

Transpersonal therapy is a way to convert the concern and the crisis into an opportunity for the Profound.

The evolution of "Homo Sapiens" points to the awakening of the "Homo Lucens" and "Homo Amans" something that, in reality, we have never ceased to be and what we are becoming aware.

"You are not in the universe, is the universe that is within you." (Nisargadatta)